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This uke is annoying the hell out of me…
Has anyone else read this?
  • Ahh I loved this yaoi very much!
  • Nuzlocke Update

    So I beat Roxanne and I’ve made it to Dewford town. Time to defeat Brawley. I don’t have any Pokemon strong against him besides Corde and Keyan, but neither have any flying moves so that doesn’t help at all.

    Anyways here’s the team again with the new member Juno, and Keyan all grown up.

    He’s close to evolving, maybe I’ll evolve him before fighting Brawley.

    I almost lost Borvo several times, I have to be careful with him.

    Corde, she’s one of my favs on the team.

    Keyan, all evolved up, he’s really girly-looking now.

    Tahiri is pretty useless in battle I’m surprised he’s still with me.

    She’s a little toughie, I’m glad to have her on the team.

    Dear followers,
    I wish you and to all your family a Merry Christmas!

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    Ahh, I super bored…

    Anyone want to have a pokemon battle? I have Pokemon Platinum, SoulSilver, and Black. Willing to battle on any of those games, but preferably Black! Inbox me your friends code and I’ll send you mine!

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